The London Evening Standard, in conjunction with Syngenta, a leading agriculture company, is running a series of debates on the future of food.

The first debate on Technology and Food, chaired by Standard editor Sarah Sands, took place on Wednesday 22 March at Somerset House.

During the debate, a panel of industry experts and commentators considered the following: “Against the backdrop of food shortages, climate change and population growth, can we realistically tackle food sufficiency challenges without technology?” The group discussed problems including food waste, famine, the obesity crisis and the controversial topic of genetically modified foods.

The territory head of Europe North at Syngenta, Alex Steel, talked about the problems facing farmers such as the pressure of globalised markets, diseases and pest pressure. He told the audience: “There is no single technology that solves all these problems that farmers face. “It’s really important for all of us as consumers to understand what we consume and how that connects down the value chain. This is not about right or wrong or black or white it’s about trying to have and open dialogue. It’s about trying to produce the right food in a sustainable manner.”

After an engaging Q&A session, the audience was then invited to a private viewing of the Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition