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Virgin Media needed to bring to life the benefits of their super-fast broadband speed for busy, entertainment-obsessed consumers.

ESI Media offered Virgin Media a unique opportunity to collaborate on the launch of a new Staying In channel on and take over the Londoner’s Diary in the Evening Standard every Friday. The Staying In channel allowed Virgin to talk directly to consumers about the latest releases and trends in streamable content. Curated by the Evening Standard’s digital features editor, Amira Hashish, this content was easily repackaged into native stories which ran on our award-winning website, i100.

The campaign was a real hit with our digital and print audiences, and page views soared past the client’s expectations.

On i100, one of Virgin Media’s sponsored articles topped the charts as the highest viewed article for three days running.

NRS Jan-Dec 2014

  • NRS Jan-Dec 2014

Print examples

... over the agreed
benchmarks for Staying In
online page views

Staying In page views
3% CTR
achieved by the
Virgin MPU
The Virgin Media sponsored article
20 best films on Netflix
was the highest viewed article of any posted within its first 72 hours

“This campaign didn’t just talk about the merits of our ultrafast broadband for streaming, but brought it to life through practical recommendations. ESI Media, with its huge audience and multiple touch-points, was the perfect media partner to bring us closer to our audience and establish an emotional relationship with them”

Kerris Bright, CMO, Virgin Media

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