ESI Live and The Independent are proud to announce the launch of Independent Traveller Live.
The inaugural event will take place at the Royal Geographic Society on Thursday 21st September 2017.

Building upon the heritage of The Independent’s travel content, the loyalty it engenders within our readership and the integrity of our travel writers, Independent Travel Live allows us to focus on the interests of our readers in a live forum.

It will give readers a touchpoint for the Independent brand, as well as allowing sponsors and partners to engage with a key audience.
Hosted by Simon Calder, Independent Travel Live will be presented as an evening with Independent travel experts, introducing well-known travel personalities who will share insights, tips and experiences with a live audience.

This will be an interactive event, with delegates having the opportunity to pose questions to speakers, as well as to engage with a small number of premium partners offering destination, travel or hotel experiences on site.

Independent Traveller Live will incorporate the Independent Travel Awards – previously run as a standalone event – and the Awards will be previewed on, providing an editorial run-up to Independent Travel Live. The Independent Travel Awards will continue to be judged by an expert panel of judges and will be notable for their independence, and a true focus on what travel products can and have achieved for our readers, rather than a trade-judged, highly commercialised event.


For more information contact / 020 361 52983