London Evening Standard and Roundhouse present Young Progress Makers

The London Evening Standard has joined forces with the Roundhouse to launch Young Progress Makers, a new annual event for young people living and working in the capital. The event is designed to stimulate and inform young people from all backgrounds who want to make a change in society.

In an afternoon of dynamic micro talks, workshops and performances the event aims to address a variety of questions. What are the possibilities of technology in our future? How do we turn business ideas into reality? Can we drive social change through art?

Among those leading the discussion will be Mayor Sadiq Khan, creator of Google Deepmind Demis Hassabis, as well as a host of thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and performers including, Anita Barton Williams, and the Young People’s Laureate for London, Caleb Femi.

Taking place over a full afternoon, there will also be mentoring sessions and the chance for attendees to voice their ideas about how we make sure London remains a world-class city for young Londoners.

To register for the event click here.